Turningpoint Media’s primary focus is to assist clients in their endeavours to position their organisation as leaders in their respective fields. To achieve this we utilise the most effective and sustainable media and communication tools.

Our goal is to add significant value in the relationship our client has with its target audience hence we ensure that our client’s critical messages are communicated well in the best medium possible and to maximum effect.

At Turningpoint Media every time we receive a new brief it is analysed using the four pillars of strategic communication: Message, Audience, Situation and Significance (MASS).

MESSAGE – what do you want your target audience to understand, how do you want them to feel and what do you want them to do.

AUDIENCE - who are they, what do they already know?

SITUATION - Do you have their undivided attention? This will influence the style and tone of your communication, its length and the medium you use.

SIGNIFICANCE – will the chosen strategy deliver the desired results?

Turningpoint Media will assist you achieve your objectives through the effective use of its media and communication expertise.

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